Lecture by Peggy on accessibility at the European Union & Design 2017

10. November 2017
Armin Reuter

Using IT solutions to make people accessible to activities that might not be possible at first due to physical limitations, IT helps gGmbH is an important topic. Accessibility, inclusion and participation is one of our charitable purposes to the pillars. We also want to be more involved in accessibility. Peggy holds as one of the first steps on accessibility at this year's GUI & Design. It is a congress of experts that-as the name suggests-deals primarily with topics of surface design for software. Unfortunately, an often neglected but no less important topic in software surfaces is the topic of accessibility. And since, in turn, so-called universal design is a means of creating accessibility, the themes fit more than well together.

We are therefore very pleased to have Peggy present this year's GUI & Design, which took its side from the 11th century. Until 13. December will take place in Berlin, which will give a lecture "Promote participation through accessibility with and in IT."

"Accessibility in and with IT is a usability for all.
Participation and inclusion is a human right, which is not cashed in by a board outside the door. In IT solutions, too, accessibility is becoming – in addition to the moral duty – more and more a must by the Bundestag Code. Technical or monetary objections from project managers are often an obstacle to making software, apps or websites accessible to people with disabilities through accessibility, often even thinking themselves into the topic. In a sensitive way, Peggy wants to help think into the topic – people with disabilities as extended user groups. Accessibility can be understood as a usability for all. With the means of IT, the bridge between the missing sense could be built and thus people could be made able to participate. So blind people could hear or feel software, see dove spoken words, control paraplegic by seeing – if you have the appropriate accessibility or techn. Support implemented in the software. The lecture is rounded off by practical approaches to implementation from simple language, universal design, programming cuts and help technologies to accessibility. "

Peggy's concern is to dispel misunderstandings, to encourage more accessibility in the sense of compassion and to show the wide-ranging sometimes even simple possibilities. You may want to be there and be inspired by more accessibility in IT solutions.

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