Vision and motivation

About us

As a not-for-profit company, we have the declared goal of doing good with the means of digitization – especially for people with disabilities, impairments and migration background as well as for the socially disadvantaged. The IT projects are designed to improve these people’s everyday lives and provide targeted support for individual aspects of their lives.
On 17.03.2017 IT hilft gGmbH was founded by Peggy Reuter-Heinrich in Dresden as a fully-fledged GmbH. Her brother Armin Reuter from Aachen is co-partner since 27.04.2017. Both earn their living as employees in the IT industry. They work voluntarily for IT hilft gGmbH.
“I am firmly convinced that the world can be made a little bit better with good IT solutions that are accessible to everyone free of charge.”
Peggy Reuter-Heinrich Founder of IT hilft gGmbH


Good solutions are usually only available, which are equipped with the appropriate financial resources. Also, professional IT solutions are often only then created by economic and management, if these either have profits, savings or prestige enhancement to the result. Digitisation is an important topic: Internet of things, industry, work, and school 4.0. Many people feel left behind by this development. Companies and professionals will be the winners of digital change.

Justice means to partake also the weaker in our society the benefits of digitization.

Our values are reflected in the quality of our projects

In keeping with our charitable purpose, we will create and operate IT solutions that are characterized by the following qualities:

People and the added value for the user – especially for the weaker members of society – are the focus of our applications.

Based on the conviction that IT can really help, our solutions are created to meet the needs and purposes of the users.

Only free digital solutions that are easily accessible on all platforms ensure fair and broad usability for all people.

We act responsibly and in a resource-saving manner in new and ongoing projects, thus ensuring sustainability.

Thinking one step further today and always on the ball with new developments, we create innovative digital solutions with a guaranteed future.

We enable accessibility, participation and inclusion within digital solutions with simple language, universal design and use of assistive technologies.

A wide range of languages in digital solutions is a sign of cosmopolitanism and ensures successful cooperation through genuine understanding.

Professionalism and high-quality digital solutions are ensured by experienced IT professionals in project management, didactics, design and software development.