Time to say thank you again …

5. December 2017
Armin Reuter

2017 is coming to an end. And it's been a very eventful year for the Welcome app and IT helps gGmbH. Much of what we managed to do in 2017 would have been completely impossible without the help, support and also some donations from different directions. If we were to list all those who have supported us in one way or another, I think we would be going beyond the scope of a blog post. But there are some to whom we would like to thank again in a very specific and very warm way:

Thanks to the VW Refugee Aid for their donation

We proudly and gratefully announce that we were able to receive a donation from the VW Refugee Aid – because they are convinced of the helpful idea of the Welcome App in terms of the benefits for the integration of refugees. Since we convert donations to visible added values, we would like to use the donation as the cornerstone for the integration of the city of Wolfsburg as an independent body in the Welcome app. The VW Refugee Aid is – as the name suggests – especially for refugees in regions where VW is effective. Thus, a interaction between the VW Refugee Aid and the Welcome App for Wolfsburg fits more than well. We will soon lay the digital foundation stone in order to continue to move forward as quickly as possible with the city of Wolfsburg. Keep looking forward. Thanks in this context also to Karsten and Simone.

Thanks to HeiReS as the main mentor in the form of donations, sponsorship and support

As a small, newly founded non-profit company, gGmbH still helps it a little hard when it comes to acquiring donors and sponsors. Unfortunately, this is not going quite as fast as we had hoped. If IT helps gGmbH would only be fed with the donations and finances of "strangers," then IT would do little to go ahead. But we've moved a lot and we want to move a lot. That's why HeiReS, as a company, keeps helping us financially with donations and sponsorship. We can rightly regard HeiReS with great gratitude as our main sponsor and mentor. For 2018, however, we clearly want to get significantly more support from "outside."

Thanks to the Metzner family for their donation

We would like to thank dear friends of ours who, in complete conviction, support our non-profit company and, more specifically, the Welcome app. Mr and Mrs Metzner are thus the first official donor. Since the two are active in social engagement and refugee aid in the Königswinter region as well as Bad Honnef, we would like to try to use this donation as a laystone for the title of Bad Honnef, for Königswinter or for the county – Depending on where we come across open ears. Thank you, dear Ones, for your support.

Thanks to the Simpleshow Foundation for your support

Simply display complex text information, it is best to succeed if it is made visible through images and audible by speakers in animation videos. We are in the process of working out the complete content of the Welcome App Germany as animation videos. More than 50 such explanatory videos are expected, which Yazan and Armin create together. Such videos can only be created with professional tools. We are happy and proud that the best provider on the market Simpleshow provides us with the high-end version of its software platform for free, so as a team quickly, easily and professionally create many good explanatory videos.

Thanks to MikeMax GmbH for their support

Successfully setting up a non-profit company in sales and business planning is not so easy. For the HeiReS I can do this and have proven it successfully for five years. But the rules of a nonprofit are different. It's about fundraising, sponsorship acquisition, linking to state & administration and docking to foundations – a field, which is new to me after all. Now the most successful players in the German sales and new business coaching market have taken us to our power to make us a success – MikeMax GmbH. Behind MikeMax are Michael and Markus, both extremely successful in the Microsoft partner business and as a distributor. You have set up programs – called the "persuasion machine"-which I can now participate in free of charge, coupled with direct support and feedback from Markus. Thank you for your faith in us and your active support.

Thanks to Kalic Media for their donation

We would currently like to thank our dear friend and partner Andrija from Kalic Media for his ongoing support and now also in the form of a donation directly for IT helps gGmbH. Andrija recognized the importance of the Welcome App Germany at the end of 2015 and supported the Welcome App by accompanying good partnerships. The non-profit company IT helps gGmbH he has now supported very specifically with a donation. Even if we are allowed to use the money freely, we would like to use it for laying the foundation stone for his region-in Herford. Thank you, dear Andrija!