Three big contributions from us in the book "Innovative State"

11. July 2017

The book "Innovative State" by the public "signpost" is aimed at the state & administration and is now published in a circulation of almost 10,000 copies. Like the Future Congress "State & Administration," the book will be published under the patronage of Federal Interior Minister Dr. Thomas de Maizière. So it's a more than good chance to introduce yourself in with his company and the solutions for state & administration here. As early as 2016, we were represented with the Welcome App Germany. This year we are tackling it a little bigger with a total of 3 contributions on a total of 5 pages. Under the "Arena of Solutions," our focus is on the presentation of IT helps gGmbH as well as its various digital solutions within the framework of the non-profit purposes, which are intended to help disadvantaged people in particular. Under the title "Refugee Aid 4.0," Refugee Aid is discussed as an editorial article using digital means for the example of the Welcome App Germany. In addition, we will present HeiReS in a short article and which, in particular, will present the potential of our content distribution system as a digital platform for managemental structures. We will not conceal the contents of the three book articles, but will make them available in a timely manner via the blog.