Thanks to HeiReS as the main mentor in the form of donations, sponsorship and support

18. December 2017

As a small, newly founded non-profit company, gGmbH still helps it a little hard when it comes to acquiring donors and sponsors. Unfortunately, this is not going quite as fast as we had hoped. If IT helps gGmbH would only be fed with the donations and finances of "strangers," then IT would do little to go ahead. Still, we've moved a lot and we want to move a lot. That's why HeiReS, as a company, keeps helping us financially with donations and sponsorship. We can rightly regard HeiReS with great gratitude as our main sponsor and mentor. Even for our two Syrian employees, HeiReS has taken on the responsibility as an employer to give them the security of an already successful IT company. For 2018, however, we clearly want to get significantly more support from "outside."