Thanks to our sponsors Developer Media, Guide and VisioTax

13. July 2017

We are very happy to welcome our first sponsors for IT helps with Developer Media and Guide to help. The major event organisers Developer Media as well as signposts have decided IT helps gGmbH to support the Welcome App Germany in particular. Relations with our new supporters have existed for a long time through HeiReS as exhibitor and spokesperson at Developer Week and the Future Congress Migration & Integration. Time and again we have been able to experience warm hearteness and support in the past. For financial sponsorship, we have provided any consideration in terms of content. With the support of signposts, we were able to integrate the Turkish language into the Welcome App on the one hand and, on the other hand, to realize in the Berlin level the corresponding districts for improved suburban interaction as well as the linking of the state state structure. Thanks to the generous sponsorship of Developer Media, we were able to welcome the city of Nuremberg as a new region as well as the new content area "Education and Training" in the category of life in Germany. Our tax office for IT also helps gGmbH has kindly sponsored, enabling us to realize the topic of "homosexuality" within the Welcome App Germany in the area of "Life in Germany."

Links to our new sponsors: