Spanish as another language in the Welcome app

3. November 2017
Armin Reuter

Hablar Espaniol? Do you speak Spanish? No? Neither do we. But the Welcome App Germany can now use "Spanish" as the next language version. But why Spanish? Spanish is one of the world languages and it is spoken by far more people than suspected. Many Spaniards also live in Germany, but Germany is particularly attractive for young Spaniards to study or work due to the high youth unemployment rate in Spain. Germany is also attractive for people from Chile or other South American countries – Spanish is spoken there. The reception was inspired by our dear Spanish and English-speaking Hausperle Millizia, a young Chilean who actually wanted to make a master's degree from a bachelor's degree in social pedagogy in Germany. Unfortunately, however, Chileans in Germany do not get German courses. So our Syrian – both B2 German degrees – and we are now helping her with a Spanish version of the Welcome App. And, of course, Millizia will be able to do the proof reading for Spanish and earn something with it.

Picture: Bandera de España CC by er Guiri