Social challenge and "accessibility" approach

21. March 2017
Armin Reuter

Social challenge
Current news is hardly available for illiterates, the blind or foreigners. Print formats such as newspapers are not accessible or only through expensive readers. Those who are visually impaired often pay more as a result. Exclusion from social participation-though partly lonely anyway-is a consequence. The accessibility, which is partly actually targeted by the Bundestag's Church law, is hardly available in practice-even on websites or in applications.

Vision as a solution
An ITK solution available on all Android, iOS and Windows systems could help-free and easy to make. Full accessibility should be ensured by so-called simple design and use of assistive technologies. A simple operation via the keyboard and a message consumption by lecture mode would make more than sense. This solution should be available in multiple languages-perhaps through automated translation. That would even bring with it the opportunity to create standards in IT solutions.

Stay tuned …

Your Peggy Reuter-Henry