Social challenge and solution topic "Education"

21. March 2017
Armin Reuter

Social challenge
Self-learning or follow-up of the school material at home is difficult especially for children from marginalised social groups. Player-oriented media learning is optimally possible through digital solutions. However, mobile devices are only available with appropriate purchasing power-i.e. as iPads for children from richer parents ' homes. This social injustice works through early stage imprint right into vocational education and training.

Vision as a solution
A free and easily accessible ITK solution for smartphones and tablets available on all systems Android, iOS and Windows would not be bad. This could be used for self-study, but to match learning goals from the school context. It should be conducive to the learning process through fun factors, in addition multilingual and barrier-free, so that maximum participation for all and thus justice in education becomes possible at an early stage.

Stay tuned …

Your Peggy Reuter-Henry