Social challenge and approach to solutions 1

21. March 2017
Armin Reuter

Social challenge 1
A total of 1 million refugees with different language backgrounds have arrived in Germany in 2015. Information available to them is usually provided locally and partly only in paper form. Access to the Internet is difficult and cost-intensive. This creates misunderstandings and social exclusion. The consequences of language barriers affect not only the asylum seekers, but the many migrants and foreign guests of all kinds.

Vision as a solution 1
An ITK solution for smartphones, tablets and PCs of all systems, which could help informatively helpful. Multilingualism makes the information understandable and can also promote German learning. By providing local contact, the result might be a better coexistence. Of course, the solution should be free of charge and easily accessible. Full accessibility would make such a solution even better.

Stay tuned …

Yours, Peggy Reuter-Heinrich