Overview of our current projects:

For true open-mindedness and successful integration
Universal, multilingual IT solution with information and regional added value to support the coexistence with migrants, asylum-seekers and foreign citizens
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For better teaching and learning as applied to education 4.0
Teaching and learning with digital media in self-study, school and further education for a fair implementation of school 4.0 with maximum benefits for learners
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For fair opportunities in the labour market and society also for weaker
Representation of personal expertise and strengths for improved access to the labour market – as an opportunity for the personal value
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For real participation, inclusion and accessibility
Supporting solutions and accessible IT standards to participate in the everyday and social life for people with disabilities and language barriers
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Quality of our projects

Suitable for our charitable purpose we will create solutions and operate, which are characterized by the following qualities:

The man and the added value for the user – especially for the weaker in society – are the focus of our applications.

Out of the conviction that IT can really help, our solutions are created as needed and purposefully for users.

Only free and easily accessible on all platforms digital solutions to ensure a fair and broad usability for all people.

Responsible and resource-conserving we act in new and ongoing projects and ensure that the sustainability.

Ball new developments today a step further thinking and always we create innovative digital solutions with security for the future.

We allow barrier-free access, participation and inclusion within digital solutions with simple language, universal design, and use of assistive technologies.

A wide variety of language in digital solutions is a sign of openness to the world and ensures the successful cooperation through genuine understanding.

Professionalism and high quality digital solutions ensure experienced IT professionals in project management, didactics, design and software development.