Lecture and discussion participation at the Chemnitz 2017 Integration Fair

18. June 2017

It is already a certain honour to be invited by the ministry and the city to give my lecture Refugee Aid 4.0 and to participate in discussions of the same dimensions at the Association Meeting. The city of Chemnitz and the Minister of State for Equality and Integration Petra Köpping are inviting. Peggy therefore takes today as representative of IT helps gGmbH and the Welcome App especially for the Saxon level therefore on 14.06. In Chemnitz, it is part of the Chemnitz integration fair all day. Yazan as our new employee accompanies her. Now for the second time lecture "Refugee Aid 4.0 – from the small local digital refugee worker" Welcome App "to the non-profit company IT helps gGmbH with various digital solutions for the weaker of our society." As a member, you may also help with the association "Economy for a World Open Saxony" with IT helps gGmbH. HeiReS ®. In the afternoon, there will be an intensive participation in the discussions of the association meeting in order to optimally support the integration process.