Project to reconcile family and work … Join!

28. February 2018
Armin Reuter

Heinrich & Reuter Solutions GmbH, together with IT, is helping gGmbH launch a bold IT project to improve the reconciliation of work and family life at the beginning of 2018. In concrete terms, it is a matter of helping as quickly and concentrated as possible by means of wide-ranging and valid information, combined with current contacts on the various relevant topics. This is designed as a software and app for all current systems and platforms.

Although employees of both companies can contribute a great deal of valuable value as directly "affected persons," it is precisely in such a project that the involvement of future users, shareholdings of offices and invoviation of e.g. B. Large employers extremely important. For this reason, the project page already offers the possibility to contribute (after a short registration) to the project and to topics such as content, usability, distribution, cooperation, etc. Actively and directly influence.

Picture: Three generations CC BY Obra shalom Campo