Peggy in interview with Inge Bell

6. March 2018
Armin Reuter

Inge Bell-a media entrepreneur, management coach and well-known to many from her days as an ARD foreign reporter-is beyond question an impressive personality. The winner of the "Women of Europe 2007" is a broad focus on women's and human rights and-among other things with her production company Bell Media Projects-also supports charitable projects that promote the situation of people in difficult situations. Want to improve. Thus, very early on in the context of the Welcome App, a contact between Inge and us came into being, from which a friendly connection and cooperation was formed from common interests and visions.

It is precisely in this context that Peggy was recently allowed to spend a day in the Bell Media studio, which included recording an interview to help to make the ideas behind IT more clear and understandable. We are super thrilled with the result and would like to thank Inge again at this point.