Our plans for Quarter 3 2017

14. July 2017

Dear friends, partners, sponsors and interested parties,

Also in the coming quarter 3 2017 we have a lot before generally as IT helps gGmbH and in particular with the Welcome App Germany. That is why I would also like to share my plans, also in the hope that this will motivate participation and support. We would also like to be judged by our actions in the future, but we cannot yet know any additional opportunities. But we are sure that we will create a lot and that the future is sympathetic to us. Please help so we can help IT. In addition to regional activations and cooperation, we are of course also looking forward to sponsors and donations.

Our big plans for Quarter 3 2017

For true open-mindedness and successful integration
-Final integration of regions in work as well as many more
-Publication of the textual content of the Welcome app for free download e.g. B. as an expression of German courses
-Publication of textual content as e-book on the Kindle platform
-Contacts and planning with publishers regarding publishers. A print product
-Welcome app as a website version to increase general availability even for people without smartphones and with older systems
-Construction of other languages: Polish, Czech, Italian, Tigrini, Undu, Bulgarian, Romanian, Chinese, Portuguese
-Integration of many other regions, cities and counties as well as federal states into the Welcome App
-Create funding applications in the context of Integrative Measures, etc. ä.

For better teaching and learning as applied to education 4.0
-Implementing the free learning cards app successful on the Windows platform on the other platforms iOS and Android via XAMARIN
-Strengthening the dissemination of the learning card app in the training, school and language course environment
-Collaboration with IHKs, Chambers of Commerce and German courses, as well as educational publishers
-Collaboration with the social and learning segment of the platforms Microsoft, Android, Apple

For equal opportunities in the labour market and society also for the weaker
-Implementation of a "labour market and business" section within the Welcome App Germany at the Saxon level with the support of "Economy for a World Open Saxony" and at the federal level with "Companies Support Refugees" as well as in desired regions
-Neutralized applicant entries as well as interaction possibilities in the Welcome app
-Approach to a multi-platform solution with direct interaction options

For real participation, inclusion and accessibility
-Implementation of the texts "Life in Germany" as sketchy animation videos with simple language as subtext, with German speaker and sketchy image representation
-Training concept write for a one-day training "Replace accessibility in IT solutions"
-Establishing contacts with various institutions in the field of accessibility – in particular Action Human
-Planning a Christmas heathon event "New closeness" with Microsoft and action people and IT helps gGmbH in Dresden
-Increased engagement in Microsoft's Accessibility focus group by Peggy as Microsoft MVP
-Research and practical test of the implementation of accessibility directly on the Welcome app by improving tabbing row sequence, template adjustment, tagging and UI automation until the realization of the reading mode for the blind
-revision of the "My Learning Cards" app towards a universal design
-Intensive cooperation with the Office of the Saxon Minister of State for Equality and Integration on Inclusion

Business development and charity
-fundraising coupled with the added value of digitally traceable implementation
-Activating the economy as sponsors to turn marketing into digital benefits
-Put a project on BetterPlace.org to find crowd-finding support
-Active search for co-makers in all disciplines
-Applications from foundations and ministries for project funding
-Using positive contacts and good relationships to ask for help for IT helps
-Active cooperation also with the existing sponsors

Advertising, public procurement and PR work
-Greater direct marketing action, including brochure aimed at cities and counties, to trigger regional activation, as help only becomes a suburb effective at a time
-Email newsletters to all relevant and interested parties – the starting stock approx. 2,000 prospects
-Production of a small performance film for the website and Youtube
-Participation in the Future Congress on Migration & Integration and at the Cross Thinking Congress
-Application for the Querdenkker Award, Saxon Integration Award, Saxon Founder Award and RedDot Award
-Writing newspaper articles in various publications
-appearances at congresses as a spokesperson on "Social Responsibility in IT" or "Refugee Aid 4.0"

We plan a lot and want to help with IT, because we firmly believe that the weaker of society must also become the winners of digitization.

Please support us with this-also with donations or sponsorship.

Peggy Reuter-Heinrich