Online course “Accessibility in and with IT“ now available
Assess accessibility and Implement correctly

Make the important topic of “accessibility in and with IT” available to you easily and conveniently. This will give you the necessary head start for 2021. The EU has already announced significant legislative changes for this year.

Those who do not work on the accessibility of their IT solutions today will soon be left behind. So don’t hesitate and take action.

The knowledge learned from the training helps as protection against:

  • Sanctions for BITV violations of your digital products
  • Stressful knowledge building in difficult to access topic
  • Loss of customers if you cannot deliver BITV-compliant products
  • Damage to reputation by non-disability-friendly platforms

After completing this video training, lack of accessibility knowledge is no longer an excuse.

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Do any of these questions apply to you? Then you should grab it!

  • Do you want your digital product to be used by people with disabilities?
  • Do you belong to a federal, state, city, agency or public institution?
  • Have you received a public sector order through a tender?
  • Receive funding from the EU and must therefore comply with the BITV standard?
  • As a UI designer, should you flesh out a product with inclusive design?
  • As a developer, do you need to program websites or apps to be accessible?
  • As an inclusion officer, are you required to ensure BITV compliance?
  • Are you a nonprofit receiving funding for a digital solution?

Here is a direct insight into the online course


Didactics, structure and content of the online course “Accessibility in and with IT”

1. introduction to the topic of accessibility in and with IT
2. shared responsibility for successful accessibility
3. implementation of barrier-free IT solutions according to BITV 2.0
4. understand, learn and use easy language
5. understand the mandatory rules of BITV 2.0
6. check, implement and prove BITV conformity
The online course offers you maximum flexibility so that you can integrate the continuing education individually into your everyday life. The learning content is well coordinated in 6 large chapters.

With 24 lessons as catchy video sequences, you receive high-quality content in a contemporary form. This is done in an optimal length of 15 minutes on average, so that you can learn well.

In the process, you’ll learn with multiple senses – sight, hearing, imagery and text. Each lesson is concluded with do-it-yourself exercises. A quiz at the end of each chapter is a fun way to test your knowledge. As a crowning conclusion, you will receive a certificate as proof of the acquired knowledge.

Start directly through for only 249 €

Concentrated expertise for you from a passionate expert

Unfortunately, people with disabilities are often excluded from IT solutions because they are not implemented barrier-free. Therefore, there is now the online course for everyone who wants or needs to deal with “accessibility in and with IT”!

The expert Peggy Reuter-Heinrich is a passionate advocate of the topic and also holds lectures, workshops and seminars on the subject. You now receive this valuable knowledge on the subject compactly in an online course for self-learning.

In order for people with disabilities to experience true participation, even in digital solutions, many things must be taken into account. Driven by this concern, Peggy shares her broad knowledge about accessibility in and with IT with this online course.

Workshop with Peggy at FAW gGmbH

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