Good solutions are usually only available to those equipped with the appropriate financial resources. Also, professional IT solutions are often only then created by economic and management, if these either have profits, savings or prestige enhancement as a result. Digitisation is an important topic: Internet of things, industry, work, and school 4.0. Many people feel left behind by this development. Companies and professionals will be the winners of digital change. It is expression of humanity to enable the weaker of society to participate in the benefits of digitization.

We are convinced it would make the world a little better if good IT solutions would be available free and for everyone. With this vision we want to create IT solutions to help and give advantages to the weaker of the society – especially for people with disabilities, impairments, and migrant and socially weaker.

About us

On the 17.03.2017 the IT hilft gGmbH was founded in Dresden by Peggy Reuter-Heinrich. Her brother Armin Reuter from Aachen is co-partner since 27.04.2017. The Heinrich & Reuter Solutions GmbH – short HeiReS® – managing director, development director, and Peggy’s husband Lars Heinrich is supporting partner. HeiReS delivered all basic solutions from their own stock to allow the IT hilft gGmbH the creation of none profit charity projects. Thanks to this IT hilft a good start for realization of many further charitable purposes.

“I’m totally convinced that good IT projects, free for all and accessible, could make the world of many people a little better!”
Peggy Reuter-Heinrich Founder of IT hilft gGmbH