IT helps-YouTube channel with lots of explanatory videos

9. November 2017
Armin Reuter

Since the beginning of November 2017 there is the official IT helps gGmbH YouTube channel. On this channel we publish vivid short videos describing basic ideas and thematic topics of IT in itself as well as the Welcome App Germany. First and foremost, we publish explanatory videos that summarize the diverse and sometimes quite complex textual contents of the Welcome app under the term "Life in Germany" and with sketchy animations, subtexts, Should make speaker sequence and sound easier to understand.

The textual content of the videos is essentially the same as that of the individual areas of the Welcome app, so that videos of all of the more than 20 chapters of the "Life in Germany" section as well as the many other more than 50 thematic areas of the Welcome App are published. Be. This makes the valuable contents of the Welcome App available to the general public piece by piece, without having to use the app exclusively. Nevertheless, the videos are also integrated into the app for retrieval in order to facilitate, in addition to understanding the content, even the connected thematic concept of the German language.

We consider this method to be extremely conducive to learning, because you cannot learn a lot about the content of the videos. The explanatory videos also make learning the German language easier, as users can see the story in pictures and read and hear it in German in parallel.

We have created all videos using the platform and with the support of the simpleshow Foundation, for which we would like to thank you again here.

Link to IT helps gGmbH YouTube channel: