IT could help

23. January 2017

Digitisation with a focus on people and solutions from Germany is one of the major messages of politics and economy. From my point of view today primarily implemented projects that are useful for the policy or for business purposes. Here, the focus is on the positive public perception and profitability seems to lie. Digitization should happen but also for the weaker members of society – rather than to depend on this, as it currently happens through some anxious scenarios work 4.0 and industry 4.0.

Digital, social projects could remedy this with a focus on humanity. For such projects, it lacks unfortunately often money to implement, because the budget for professional IT solutions usually companies or the State or the management have held. The budgets are therefore basically focusing on better marketing or better process optimization (keyword: save costs) used.

The main focus on visibility and profitability of projects is our society not to the point, to create good solutions: to help to get better in our everyday life and people. In particular the "weak of society", the our help and support need to be excluded. So it is not surprising that's lack of good digital solutions, which can strengthen the diversity at all level.

It lacks z. B. projects, which are targeted…
-Accessibility support, support to social participation
-See integration as important shared social responsibility
-the focus on better teaching and learning
-Make kindness in social professions in focus
-Back equal opportunities for women in the foreground
-pick older people on the issue of digitisation

I think: IT can help.

Keep looking forward…

Your Peggy Reuter-Heinrich