Presentation of future IT project to reconcile family and work

20. December 2017
Armin Reuter

Although the family and the free choice of career are protected by fundamental law, the reconciliation of family and work remains a huge challenge in our society and in everyday life. Difficulties here are not least due to insufficient or completely missing sources of information about rights and obligations, known support opportunities, further training, and local contacts, etc. To lead back. The government jungle often doesn't make life any easier. Digital helpers are not or only inadequately available.

It is precisely as part of our vision and non-profit pillar "Fair Opportunities for All" that we would like to take care of such grievances. This is about opening up the same opportunities and opportunities for people with all disadvantages through very concrete IT solutions, the same opportunities and opportunities as people without disadvantages. In many cases, this simply means simplifying and improving the circumstances arising from the disadvantage by means of IT bridges.

Together with our sister company HeiReS, we are currently working on an IT project for a multilingual, multimedia and cross-device information platform on the topic of reconciling work and family life. Whether young family without previous work experience, mothers after pregnancy break, fathers who want to go into parenting time, family members with serious cases of illness or parents in need of care … Whenever the family and the profession, ultimately the livelihoods, could lead to potential conflicts, we want to help with our platform. Not only do we want to support the employees, but we also want to help employers to address the shortage of skilled workers by using the "company value of the human being". In addition to universal but also very concrete information, data and facts, the platform will be free and will provide a large pool of contacts and aid organisations for all current smartphone and PC systems, as well as, if necessary, a large pool of contacts and aid organisations, as well as, if necessary, a large pool of contacts and aid organisations, as well as, if necessary, a large pool of contacts and aid organisations, as well as, if necessary, Even relevantes to employees of large companies, Germany-wide employers and the civil service.

With our concept, we were able to inspire the Saxon Ministry of Social Affairs and perhaps hope for support.
Unfortunately, since this is still a detailed concept, we cannot go into too much detail yet.
But so much is to say: It's going to be something really big and important …

We are very much looking forward to it and will start with full energy next year.
Keep looking forward.