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Short interview on the explanation of IT hilft gGmbH between the founder Peggy Reuter-Heinrich and the human rights activist Inge Bell.

You benefit from social responsibility in our charitable purposes

Our helping digital solutions are available to everyone free of charge. They are designed to help the weaker members of society in particular to cope better with their everyday lives. In this way, we serve the common good with the means of digitization. By making a donation or placing an order with us, you indirectly help the disadvantaged and thus demonstrate social responsibility.

For fair opportunities in the labor market and society
All those involved benefit from lived and visible family friendliness in companies, because this creates a win-win situation for employers, employees and their families.
For lived cosmopolitanism and successful integration
Being open to the world together has many advantages:
Successful integration leads to peaceful coexistence and can also prevent shortages of skilled workers.
For better teaching and learning in terms of modern Bildung 4.0
A digital and fair implementation of the accessibility of education with future-oriented solutions offers maximum benefit for learners and teachers.
For successful inclusion through implemented accessibility
Barrier-free, helpful IT solutions to enable people with disabilities and language barriers to participate in everyday social life.

With our tailor-made services you will get closer to your target group.

Your explanatory video presents even complex issues in a simple and entertaining way.

With our inexpensive explanatory videos, your message reaches your target group quickly, clearly and efficiently. This way you are understood directly and have a better bond with the people you want to reach with your message.

Our services for you:

  • Enter your target in dialog
  • Elaboration of the text
  • Design of the animation
  • Speaking the texts
  • Output in different final formats

Accessibility secured according to BITV

Accessibility in the IT sector is not only sensible, it is also provided for by law. To fulfill this standard well and safely, you have us at your side with solutions and knowledge. You will receive everything your company needs to implement future-oriented accessibility and thus reach more people in the long term.

Our services for you:

  • Check your website for the BITV
  • Lectures on accessibility in and with IT
  • Workshops along your project
  • Inclusive design of your solutions
  • Barrier-free Web Development

Join the existing solutions – useful, helpful, modern
Customized solutions for you – even with a smaller budget

Find the platform that suits you and register. You benefit from greater visibility with a clear statement that reaches your target group. This is also possible for small or medium-sized companies, because we scale the prices according to the size of the company. – since 2015

This free IT solution helps all those who have come to us from other countries to find their way around Germany better. Multilingual and universal, it supports the cooperation by providing important helpful information: 10 main and 80 sub-categories with 50 integrated regions including thousands of local addresses and the availability as mobile app, PC software and barrier-free website offer a good orientation aid. – since 2019

Free barrier-free solution for better compatibility of family and work for the pilot regions Dresden and Saxony. The platform is helpful for all those who strive for a good work-life balance. With 15 main categories and 80 sub-categories containing more than 500 helpful local contacts, it offers extensive information about family and career in 11 languages as a mobile app, PC software and barrier-free website.

Your support makes the IT help possible!

You think our vision is good? Then get involved!
IT hilft gGmbH is a project that we can make a success together. All in the spirit of a better and fairer world. Every helping hand and every euro is welcome. You have the desire to support our project? We are looking forward to your ideas, your suggestions, your knowledge and if possible – also your donation!
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