HeiReS GmbH is 200. Member of "We Together"

20. September 2017
Armin Reuter

"Together-The integration initiative of the German economy" should be a household name to most of them since the current television advertising. The idea of the initiative is summarized in a nutshell that companies work together on the successful integration of refugees and migrants in Germany. For HeiReS as the initiator of the Welcome App Germany and "commercial" sister company of IT helps-that is, active for a very long time in the field of successful integration-the accession to "We Together" was thus a logical step, which we now consider officially 200stres Member.

In addition to many large companies and global players in the German and international economy, HeiReS, as a "small IT company," is very proud to advance and practice successful integration in a double respect. In addition to various efforts around the "Welcome App Germany," HeiReS is already the second employer for people from the migration context. After a temporary hiring of a refugee from Syria in 2016, another Syrian in permanent employment is currently in the process of actively supporting the team and to mutual satisfaction.

More information about "We Together" and the Holy Mitgliesdschaft: