Funding notice to solution "reconciling family and work" officially received

23. April 2018
Armin Reuter

We can now proudly and happily say ' Saxony and the EU promotes the development of the digital platform reconciliation of family and work '. It was quite a struggle, which has now changed from the submission of the idea concept in the summer of 2017 to complex application fulfillment around the turn of the year to the final communication now on April 2018. But because we believe so much in the importance of the undertaking, we started at our own risk as early as January 2018, as one or the other may have noticed. That the state of Saxony, respectively, is also the state of Saxony. The donors believed in us, honors us a lot and now makes us work even more motivated and further. Now we can rightly say that Saxony for Saxony is supported by Saxony. The whole thing is themed "Demographic, Family, Health" and is subject to the Saxon Ministry of Social Affairs and Consumer Protection as well as the Saxon Ministry of Labour, Economy and Transport. EU funding will be made possible in the project period from 12.01.2018 to 30.09.2019 a great IT solution in short fast, quick Publications.

Link to the ESF programme of the State of Saxony