How to reach your target group successfully

With our explanatory videos, we convey your message to the people you want to reach in a simple, visual, barrier-free and speaker-toned manner.

If any of these questions apply to you, we can make an explanatory video for you.

  • Would you like to be supported in your charitable project?
  • Is it important to you that everyone understands your message?
  • Do you need experience in the production of accessible explanatory videos?
  • Do you take on social responsibility and want to help others?
  • Would you like to inspire as many people as possible with your content?
  • Are you looking for a team to produce your explanatory video?
  • Are accessibility and inclusion legal requirements for your IT project?
  • Does your product help other people in the interests of the common good?

You can also reach people with disabilities through explanatory videos

People with learning difficulties can understand complex content better through animated films
Functional illiterate people can understand important content through visual language and listening
Blind people hear the information content in full stories
Deaf and hard of hearing read the subtitles and see the picture stories.
German learners understand the new language by listening, reading along and adding pictures.
Seniors and dementia patients the clear, simplified and large presentation of the content helps.
children can understand complex things through animated, child-friendly, sketchy explanatory videos.

Our work for your future explanatory video


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Here you can see some examples from our over 100 explanatory videos:

A few quotes from our enthusiastic clients

Take advantage of our offer for your future explanatory video

A great explainer video for you only
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  • Dialogue between us and you to set your goals
  • Text from the professional with correction option
  • High quality graphics and animations
  • Correction loops for text and video preview
  • Professional German speaker
  • Landscape format video in full HD
  • Finished video file MP4 for download

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