Exhibitors at the Single Parenting Fair in Dresden City Hall

23. April 2018
Armin Reuter

Those who are in a balancing act between family and work have to do a lot. But whoever stands alone is burdened to the maximum. A good reason, then, to exhibit our IT solution for a better balance between family and work at the Dresden Single Parf. With a small stand, HeiReS ®-short for Heinrich & Reuter Solutions GmbH-were represented as an IT company and the non-profit sister company IT helps GmbH there. In addition to pressure-fresh brochures for our family-and-work.online project, HeiReS and IT brochures were also attracting interest. We were well represented at the stand by Manu and Kati – both working mothers, by the way. Through our trade fair PC, the two also presented the current state of the solution as a preliminary version and were thus able to get into lively discussions. With 25 interested parties on the further course, for use as well as for recording in the naturally free IT solution, the two came home buoyed. Most of all, she impressed the saying "Finally someone takes care of us." We would also like to express our great thanks to Mrs Kynast of the Women's Promotion Agency, who has been looking after single parents for 3 years and has placed our trust in us. Of course, we will continue to cooperate with the single network Dresden AND in the future.

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