So all people understand your message

With accessible “plain language”, your text reaches more people. A win for everyone.

If any of these questions apply to you, you should have Plain Language written by us.

  • Are you supported in your non-profit projects with EU funding?
  • Do you want people with disabilities to understand your important messages?
  • Do you want or need to offer the content of your IT solutions barrier-free?
  • Do you need to implement plain language because of BITV 2.0, but don’t know how?
  • Do you have to comply with the Disability Equality Act?
  • Want to be ahead of the game when it comes to accessibility and successful inclusion?

Everyone benefits from plain language – including you

Local, state and federal government Benefit from well-implemented inclusion and successful integration
Responsible companies can thus reach an extended target group as customers or employees
Foundations and public benefit organizations better represent their added values for society and thus increase the chance of support.
State and public sector can thus educate their citizens in a simple way about complicated contexts, specifications and important innovations.
Modern teachers can use engaging digital media to better support their students’ learning.
Complex processes such as technical products or complicated processes are thus better explained to users.
Citizens with language barriers can understand and apply laws and requirements of the state through translation into plain language.

Through plain language you can reach people with disabilities of all kinds

People with reading difficulties can understand complex content through simple language
People with mental disabilities thus obtain information independently.
German Learners can better put into practice what they have learned through real understanding and active language.
Seniors Simple language also helps to make complex topics accessible in new media.
People with dementia thus find their way around more easily and independently for longer.
Children also benefit from plain language and even difficult topics become explainable.
All people are pleased with texts that are simply structured and easy to understand – even without existing restrictions.

Here you can see some examples that we have prepared in plain language:

Here is an example in plain language about plain language

What for Easy Language
Many texts are often too long. Many texts have difficult words. Many texts have foreign words. Reading such texts is very difficult for people with disabilities. The United Nations has written a law about rights of disabled people.

People with disabilities should have the same rights as all people. All people should have access to information and digital life. Texts in plain language are particularly helpful in improving understanding.

Plain language texts can help these people:

  • People who can not read well
  • People who find learning difficult
  • People who do not speak German well
  • People who have dementia

With plain language on your website, you also reach more people. Plain language is also important for accessibility in itself. Many companies already have to implement these rules.

There is a rule-work of the federal government to accessibility. This is abbreviated BITV. This means “Barrier-free Information Technology Ordinance”. This describes how digital solutions must be for people with disabilities.

We are happy to translate your texts into easy-to-understand language.
Then everyone will understand your message.
In this way, you also reach more people.
In addition, you meet the requirements of the BITV.

Our service for your tailor-made translation into plain language

Your steps with us for a world with more plain language

Translation into easy language according to BITV 2.0
95 €per standard page 1,800 characters
  • Talk about target and volume
  • Handover of the basic texts by you
  • Competent translation according to standard
  • Word document for your use
  • Price per standard page 1,800 characters
Freier Text zur einem Thema in Leichter Sprache
225 €pro Normseite 1.800 Zeichen
  • Gespräch zu Zielsetzung und Volumen
  • Vorgaben zu den Inhalten durch Sie
  • Freies Schreiben des Rohtextes
  • Verfeinerung in Leichte Sprache
  • Sach-Prüfung durch Betroffene
  • Einarbeitung der Korrekturen
  • Word-Dokument zu Ihrer Nutzung

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