With praise alone, we can't get on: Become godfather for a language, function or a thematic field

21. September 2017
Armin Reuter

We are very pleased with any praise we receive for our charitable activity as IT helps gGmbH. So does the growing interest and public attention. Nevertheless, we say it very directly: Many of the topics are very complex and require appropriate commitment and support from developers, graphic designers, editors, etc. -for this we need your support!

As a recognized non-profit company, we are authorized to issue donation receipts. Donations to us are invested directly and directly for real added value of our projects. Here's an overview of how your donation could be used in the context of the Welcome app:

1. Languages, appropriate for user groups
Many migrants, immigrants and refugees come to us with little or no knowledge of German. Nevertheless, most want to actively integrate, inform and participate in social life. We are expanding the language range of the Welcome App-you can support us in this in a concrete way.

2.Required features and features 
A real integration aid is the app when it offers the user all the necessary or useful possibilities. It is also intended to be an easier for authorities and organisations to work. That's why we are constantly developing the app, for example. Through a map offer-your ideas are welcome!

3. Nationwide regional information and contacts
Our goal is a nationwide range of regional information and contacts in Germany to make migrants, immigrants and refugees feel welcome on the ground. We plan to integrate more cities, counties and federal states-you can help us with your desired region in concrete terms!

4. Relevant topics and content
Carefully researched topics, in line with the language skills of app users, are helpful sources of information. We plan to expand the topics in the Welcome app, such as "Women's Rights," "Choice of the Health Insurance Fund" and "Ways to the Labour Market"-tell us your desired topic!

These four "pillars" of the Welcome app can only be realized thanks to support from donations. For example, through sponsorship and donations, the languages Turkish and Greek as well as the cities of Düsseldorf and Nuremberg could be integrated into the app-also as a stimulus for you to participate in the further development and improvement of our projects.

Unterstützung Sie uns!

Spenden an uns geht schnell und unkompliziert! Helfen Sie, damit wir helfen können!