Bulgarian, Dutch and Swedish as new language versions

16. February 2018
Armin Reuter

Do you speak Bulgarian? Or Dutch? Or Swedish? No? Neither do we! But the Welcome App Germany now has these three languages in the user interface and content-and for good reasons:

Bulgaria is a member of the European Union and Bulgaria currently holds the EU Presidency. Many Bulgarians come to work in Germany – often as seasonal workers, and many young Bulgarians are drawn to study in Germany. Since youth unemployment is quite high in Bulgaria, some are also looking for the way to train here. Conversely, larger German companies have also established themselves in Bulgaria – in particular because of the lack of skilled workers in IT. Another reason is Ivan and Yana. With Ivan, we would like to tackle a project in Bulgaria together – similar to the Welcome App, but with a slightly different topic area. And Yana is his daughter, who is studying in Berlin International Business in the Master's degree program at Humbold University, will hopefully soon enrich our welcome app team.

The triangle around Aachen and thus the Netherlands belongs to the home region of IT helps gGmbH shareholders Peggy and Armin. Especially in the "border triangle," the cooperation between Belgians, Dutch and Germans has a tradition. There are even common commercial areas and the shortage of skilled workers is met together. Aachen, Maastricht and Liège form a special community in many respects-in addition, the Aachen Municipal Region is also represented in the Welcome App. Soon we will integrate cross-border commercial enterprises into the app for the city region – also for Dutch and Belgians who want to work in Germany as well as for a better cooperation in the border triangle. Joachim Sina from the fundraising agency Green from Aachen will also support us. In addition, our dear friend and supporter Danielle Freude-Hellebrand is real Dutchwoman with his focal point and practice in Aachen. Also to their delight, we integrated Dutch.

Sweden is one of the most economically successful countries in the EU and it attracts many Germans to Sweden. For the second time we are invited by HeiReS – specifically Peggy and Lars – to the Global Child Forum, which will take place in April 2018 in the Swedish royal family under the patronage of the royal couple King Carl-Gustav and Queen Silvia. This year's focus is on children's concerns and the protection of their rights – through digital education and women's rights, among other things. Did you know that Queen Silvia is a German? All this is reason enough for us to integrate Swedish as a new language into the Welcome App Germany and thus perhaps also to build possible collaborations with a Swedish Welcome App Startup.