Development-accompanying BITV examination
In this way, we ensure BITV conformity for you already during development

Because you will only receive the certificate of accessibility at the very end if you constantly have yourself tested for it throughout your development.

Denn ein entwicklungsbegleitender Prüfbericht hilft Ihnen nur weiter, wenn Sie ein wenig beratend hin zur Umsetzung an die Hand genommen werden.

Because only those who know the effects of design and development can also make professional judgements about what is wrong and seriously recommend what should be better.


Three simple steps to a helpful development-accompanying BITV test

Free short talk on the need
In a short consultation, we agree on the pages and the depth of the BITV audit. This gives you a quick approach, but also a cost forecast to suit your needs.

Professional development-accompanying BITV test
In perfect form and rich in detail, you receive an audit report that gives you an accurate picture of the BITV level of your project. The report analyses each page against each criterion and, in the case of BITV violations, provides helpful instructions on how to remedy them.

Technical advice for the holistic implementation of accessibility
In a detailed consultation, we go far beyond the BITV results. We help you to understand the problem. In particular, we provide you with solutions and technical tips that you can implement yourself to achieve good accessibility.

Short preliminary talk
free of chargeone time
  • 20 minutes as a phone call
  • Naming the website
  • Determination of the objective
  • Method recommendation
  • Immediate cost statement
Advice on technical implementation
90 €per hour
  • Meeting via video conference
  • Deep discussion of identified errors
  • Explanation of all proposed solutions
  • Technical advice for implementation
  • Clarification of further individual questions
  • Strategic consulting on the overall project