Animated explanatory videos for barrier removal and better understanding

12. October 2017
Armin Reuter

A picture is worth a thousand words. Many images animated to a film tell a story, so it's understandable to everyone. With animated explanatory videos, you can break down language barriers and build a better understanding. We have started to translate the contents of the Welcome App Germany into such explanatory videos. They are implemented as beautiful sketchy animation videos with talking pictures, set to music with a speaker sequence in German and also backed up with subtitles. For the time being, we are starting with the theme "Life in Germany," which with 30 sub-chapters represents a very good all-round blow. Here you can already see the first examples with "Migration to Germany" – almost as the core theme of our Welcome App Germany.

Other topics will follow shortly, as Armin and Yazan in particular are intensively dedicated to the elaboration of such videos. Stay tuned and share the individual videos on social media. We will make these available to the general public online.